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Tulsi is more than your average cup of tea

Written By Go Vita


In this episode, Organic India Team Leader, Sarada, talks to Marcus and offers a master class on all things Tulsi aka “Holy Basil”. She speaks of the amazing business sustainability model of Organic India and how it is changing the face of organic farming in India. You will learn about a fantastic ORGANIC INDIA 21 Day Tulsi Challenge which will show how Tulsi can have a positive impact on your mind, body and spirit. The 21 Day Tulsi Challenge is simple: 3 teas per day for 21 consecutive days. You can drink any of the different blends throughout the challenge, although we recommend a non-caffeinated Tulsi tea in the evening. Here is a link to the entry questionnaire: ORGANIC INDIA will email you an exit questionnaire at the end of the challenge so you can reflect on any changes.

For an in-depth insight into the benefits of Tulsi, you can take a look at an article written by Professor Marc Cohen – Tulsi: A herb for all reasons

You can purchase ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi tea from your local Go Vita store. If you are in a remote location, or your local Go Vita store does not stock the Tulsi blend that you are looking for, please visit the ORGANIC INDIA online store.



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