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My Berries - Frozen Raspberries

My Berries - Frozen Raspberries


Our raspberries are perfect little bundles of healthy goodness, sourced from growers in the Moreton Bay region. Each raspberry is carefully hand picked and packed — they are the most delicate of all our berries.


Back in 2008 our family was the first to trial these all year-round raspberries, a variety known as a 'primocane'. We have truly led the way in developing raspberry yields, quality and taste in our region.


A 300g portion of frozen raspberries is an excellent source of fibre, good source of vitamin C, a source of folate and low in calories/kilojoules. High in antioxidants, they provide you with a powerful start to your day and a make deliciously healthy snack or ingredient.

100% Organic Raspberries