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Beesfriend - Australian Raw creamed honey cold-extracted multi-floral 500g

PriceFrom $25.95

Creamed Honey slowly churned for 7 days 15 minutes every hour.


Honey from Rescued hives. Our bees' well-being is our priority, so hosting the hives in pristine nectar and pollen-abundant environments.

The apiaries are located in Melbourne South East Suburbs: Berwick, Harkaway, Beaconsfield Upper, Narre Warren East, Belgrave South, Wonga Park, Tonimbulk and Cardinia.

Honey contains pollen and propolis particles, which may help in managing hay fever allergies. Traditionally harvested, hand bottled and small batches, 100% recyclable glass jars.


Key differentiators to other honey producers:


Beesfriend NOT doing commercial pollination and hence not exposing the bees to chemicals, pathogens, the stress of transport and unnecessary loss of the bees. Honey frames are all Australian Wax foundation and NOT plastic, letting bees in their natural environment. Honey frames are to be fully capped before extractions. Honey is cold extracted cold filtered and checked with a digital refractometer for moisture content. We pride ourselves on quality and value.