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Mitty - 4 Step Pedi Kit

Mitty - 4 Step Pedi Kit


Discover the perfect pampering solution for your tired toes with our specially crafted 4-step pedi kit. At Mitty Nails, we're passionate about bringing you the finest nail art products, and now, we're extending our expertise to foot care with this exceptional vegan, cruelty-free, and ultra-nourishing kit.

Step 1: Relax and Exfoliate with Our Luxurious Jelly Foot Soak
Begin your journey to total foot bliss with our indulgent jelly foot soak. Immerse your feet in the calming embrace of our unique formula, designed to soothe and exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling silky-smooth and rejuvenated. Let the stresses of the day melt away as you prepare your feet for the pampering they deserve.

Step 2: De-Stress and Detoxify with Our Mineral Foot Soak
Give your feet the detox they crave with our mineral-rich foot soak. The blend of natural minerals is a treat for your skin, helping to draw out impurities and provide a sense of revitalisation. As you soak, feel the tension dissipate, and let the soothing minerals work their magic, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

Step 3: Nourish, Calm, and Refresh with Our Foot Mud Mask
Indulge your feet with the nourishing touch of our foot mud mask, a sanctuary for your tired soles. Let the mask absorb into your skin, as it calms and revitalises. After rinsing, your feet will feel invigorated, and you'll notice a new level of softness that's simply irresistible.

Step 4: Soften and Reenergise with Our Rejuvenating Foot Lotion
Complete your pedicure journey with our sumptuous foot lotion. Enriched with ingredients known for their moisturising properties, this lotion will provide the finishing touch of softness your feet crave. As you massage it in, feel the tension melt away, and revel in the renewed energy that only well-cared-for feet can provide.