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A Kinder Diet: The Reason Behind A Vegan Lifestyle

Written By Go Vita

A DESIRE TO PREVENT ANIMAL CRUELTY IS THE MAIN REASON PEOPLE CHOOSE A VEGAN LIFESTYLE. BONUS: A PLANT-BASED DIET WILL IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH Veganism is defined as avoiding all forms of animal cruelty, and excluding all animal-derived products, such as food, drink and clothing, as well as less well-known items, like isinglass, used in alcohol. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This is partly due to the increasing awareness of some questionable modern farming practices, such as chickens being caged from birth to death. Vegans may also wish to avoid animal products because of their environmental impact. For example, beef farming is thought to contribute to increases in methane emissions; plus, animal farming may be a cause of deforestation. HEALTH BENEFITS Veganism is also growing because of its positive impact on human health. For example, a reduced intake of meat, particularly processed meats like bacon, is linked to a lower risk of heart disease and obesity, while eating more fruit and vegetables is strongly associated with a reduced risk of cancer and Alzheimer’sdisease and with improvements in kidney function. Due to its higher fibre intake, a vegan diet will also moderate blood sugar, which lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. Both vegetarian and vegan diets are associated with being able to lose weight more easily and, importantly, to sustain that weight loss. Even better news –people following a vegan diet report that they do not feel deprived or hungry, as the natural side effect of eating more fibre on a vegan diet improves satiety. And, provided your food choices are organic, a vegan diet helps to avoid the antibiotics, hormones and chemicals that are routinely used in modern farming.

TASTE SENSATIONS Nor does avoiding meat, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products mean a limited or boring diet. A vegan diet can include a wide variety of healthy foods – apart from an array of fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, and grains, there is a wealth of alternative vegan food products available, including vegan cheese, nut butters, vegan meat options based on tofu, tempeh and seitan, calcium-fortified plant milks, sprouted and fermented plant foods, and flavoursome condiments. For example, Niulife offer CocominoFysh Sauce, a tasty and healthy alternative to fish sauce that is FODMAP-friendly with no preservatives, gluten or MSG, along with their Organic Coconut milk powder, a 100% natural and plant-based alternative to dairy milk, and Organic Coconut Ghee, all of which look, smell and taste exactly like conventional fish sauce, milk and ghee – your meat-eating friends will not even notice the difference. Plus, there is Niulife’s famous not-soy sauce, Original Coconut Amino Sauce, made from fermented coconut blossom nectar and spices, If you’re transitioning to a vegan diet, Niulife offers this helpful tip: always look for products which can be substituted in the same quantities as the original product, as this makes life much easier when following a recipe.

The following nutritious vegan recipes have been created using Niulife Fysh Sauces the hero ingredient, and each is also 100% plant-based and super healthy!



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