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Hair, Skin and Nail Nutrients

Written By Eliza Hedley

Our hair, skin and nails all require common nutrients in order to be able to grow and heal. These nutrients, are also required to be consumed through our diets, with these extremities often being the last place that receives these nutrients, hence why nutrient deficiencies can be seen in our nails. For example with white spots, brittle nails and split nail beds, thinning and dry hair, as well as our skin, either reacting through producing too much oil or not enough oil.

So achieving our dream hair, skin and nails I believe as a nutritionist, really does require supplementation support. Our body needs these key nutrients, and we’re not always going to be able to get adequate amount from our food –

  • Selenium – to support thyroid metabolism, and thus the extraction of nutrients from our food

  • Silica – for collagen synthesis, as well as helping to prevent hair loss

  • Biotin B7 (with all the B vitamins really) B vitamins work as a family, with biotin in particular being highlighted to improved hair and nail growth and strength.

  • Zinc – is required for cell replication, which we need when we’re wanting more hair, new healthy skin cells, and stronger hair follicles.

  • Collagen (for skin particularly)

  • Vitamin A – like zinc, is required for proper healthy cell replication

  • Iron – a deficiency in iron has been shown to reduce the production of skin cells, slowing wound healing, driving inflammation, as well as causing dry, brittle nails and hair.

And as much as we can utilise these nutrients to help our skin, deficiencies in these nutrients are also correlated to having hair, skin and nail disorders/imbalances. So whether you’re trying to treat, or to just boost, your hair, skin and nails, these nutrients are what you need to be consuming on the regular.

It also takes a few months of consistent use to see substantial differences, so be patient. Additionally, managing stress and doubling down on sleep play major roles in reducing inflammation that would be taxing your nutrients and obstructing your digestive system from utilising and pumping these nutrients to your hair, skin and nails. So it’s never just a one directional fix. You need to be assessing what else may be driving your H,S,N imbalances.

Leaky gut and nutrient absorption are also super important, because we could be taking these HSN supplements, and not actually absorbing them. So along with managing stressors and optimising sleep, working to heal your gut is also a priority to improve hair, skin and nail health.

Supplement wise, I like Pretorious’ Hair, Skin and Nails as it’s rich in these key nutrients and more.



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