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My Breast Cancer Journey by Katherine Hronopoulos

Written By Go Vita

National Breast Cancer Foundation Community Ambassador Katherine Hronopoulos shares her story.

Married with two sons, Katherine was just 38 years old when she found a breast lump. A biopsy confirmed her worst fears: she had breast cancer (HER2 positive).

Katherine was diagnosed on March 23, 2017. On April 4, she had lumpectomy surgery to remove the tumour and surrounding tissue. She then started chemotherapy during the week of Mother’s Day, which was followed by 30 sessions of radiation. Needless to say, Katherine, her family and friends were all shocked at the speed of events.

“I had a million and one questions, so I reached out to ‘Doctor Google’,” says Katherine. “Unfortunately, this just bamboozled me with horror stories and too much information. So, I put all my trust in my breast surgeon, oncologist and radiologist. I also decided to take a holistic approach to my health. I cut down on red meat, fried foods and sugar. I bought a cold-press juicer and juiced fresh fruit and vegetables every morning, to support my immune system. I really wanted to be a good role model to my kids and both my husband and sons joined me in picking up healthier eating habits.”

Aiming to “go as natural as possible”, Katherine bought eco-friendly products – however, she found it difficult to find a non-toxic deodorant that was also effective. “The chemo heightened my body odour, especially the armpit that wasn’t being treated,” she explains. “My doctor said it was compensating for the armpit that was being treated, and the toxins being released made it really sticky and stinky. I was aware of the relationship between the armpit and breast tissue, but at the time I did not know about Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste, which is 100 per cent natural, toxin-free and actually works. I commend Black Chicken Remedies on raising important funds for research during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Awareness is everything, and NBCF partnering with Black Chicken Remedies makes so much sense!”

Today, Katherine is in remission. “I am in a good place,” she says happily. “Being a NBCF Community Ambassador is also really important to me – I signed up so I can help other women.”



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