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The Many Causes Of Poor Sleep & What To Do About Them

Written By Go Vita

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash


Our topic on today’s episode is sleep. It’s a topic that is relevant to EVERY SINGLE human being on the planet … unfortunately most of us aren’t sleeping all that well.

I’ll share some confronting stats shortly, but most importantly as we like to do on the Go Vita podcast, some easy to action solutions and improvements are on offer today as we WAKE UP to the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

See what I did there?

To help open our eyes to the environmental and lifestyle habits that is ruining our sleep, and to help identify what we can do to get a better night’s sleep we are going to shoot over to the beautiful Barossa Valley region – to Tanunda where we find Peter Balogh – a naturopath of over 20 years experience and the owner of Go Vita Tanunda & Go Vita Fairview Green

Some of the stats we share on this episode –

Research by the Sleep Health Foundation last year found between one third and almost half (45%) Australians have poor sleep patterns. The short term consequences are fatigue and irritability … that can cause anything from risk of low productivity, damage to their mental health and unsafe behaviours.

Some of the causes of poor sleep we discuss on this episode include –

Screen Exposure – Blue Light

Poor Diet

Poor Exercise

Excess Alcohol

Work Stress

Family Stress

Financial Stress

Social or community stress

Media Exposure – worry

Check yourself against some of these causes and work to heavily reduce or eliminate them from your lifestyle.



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