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Ultimate Youth & Jojoba with Vicki Engsall

Written By Go Vita

Today we are consuming the second course of our delightful conversation with Vicki Engsall, the co-founder of The Jojoba Company.

On episode 21 of the Go Vita Podcast we learnt all about the health, environmental and community benefits of jojoba.

On this episode we’re going to the next level and discussing one of my favourite topics – and that is ageing well – or as the Jojoba Company like to call it – Ultimate Youth. To help me discuss this exciting topic it’s a pleasure to welcome Vicki Engsall back to the Go Vita podcast.

We discuss  –

** Why it’s important to look after our skin as we age

** When the aging process in the skin begins to occur (you’ll be shocked how early in life it is).

** The sustainable, spray-free, locally-sourced ingredients that go into The Jojoba Company’s Ultimate Youth Potion in particularly L22

** The power of L22, the active ingredient in Ultimate Youth Potion, and a whole lot more!

We get into some nitty-gritty details, which can all be found at The Jojoba Company website,



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