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Kehoe's Kitchen - Red Kimchi Original

Kehoe's Kitchen - Red Kimchi Original




Our delicious Red Kimchi contains traditional Korean ingredients, which are combined with traditional Korean Kimchi fermentation methods to give it an authentic taste.


Our Red Kimchi is vegan, so there are no fish sauce, fish or broths used. We don’t use any flavours, rice starch, soy sauce or sugar, so you can be sure to get all of the goodness, without any of the nasties. We make this ferment the traditional way, with a two stage fermentation process, like they do in Korea. This method, combined with the authentic ingredients, ensure it tastes just like authentic Korean kimchi.

Wombok cabbage, daikon, garlic, gochugaru (chilli), spring onion, sea salt, ginger & apple powder.

PROBIOTICS Wild Fermented – probiotic strains and quantity vary from batch to batch.  Probiotics may cause gas in the jar.  REFER NOTE ON LID BEFORE OPENING. See images and FAQ 1.